CMTO trainers

These trainers and coaches are all in Victoria and may be willing to travel. Please contact the CMTO if you would like to request a trainer...

Warren Crosbie

Warren Crosbie (Trainer), was training coordinator at JOY; he trained former refugees at 3ZZZ. He is passionate about community radio diversity. He has a BA (media studies), and a Diploma of Project Management. Warren studied photography and crewed student films. He is teaching himself cartooning.

marg gardner small edited

Marg Gardner (Trainer), has more than ten years’ experience in the radio and education sectors. She has worked as a presenter, producer, program manager, volunteer coordinator and station manager in the community radio sector. Marg also has experience in education, both as a community radio trainer and primary school teacher.

denise kuchmar small 1 edited

Denise Kuchmar (Trainer), has many years’ experience in the media and education sectors. She has coordinated training programs and delivered training across a variety of disciplines.  Her areas of expertise are in broadcasting, creative industries and business management.


Graeme Macartney (Trainer), has nearly 20 years’ experience as a broadcaster. He has also worked for several years as a business, media and management trainer.  Graeme was the CEO of FM Shepparton and is prepared to travel anywhere to conduct training.