CMTO trainers

These trainers are all in Western Australia and may be willing to travel. Please contact  the CMTO if you would like to request a trainer...

Dane Waters resized

Dane Waters (trainer), is a CMTO trainer for the Cert III (media) course. Dane has been working on community radio in an international projects for 6 years and specialises in using community radio for Health Promotion.


Sarah Tout (Trainer), has been involved in Community Radio since 2004, first as a volunteer, then as a lunchtime presenter on RTRFM 92.1's Out to Lunch show and women in music programme Drastic On Plastic. Sarah has also served on RTRFM's board of directors and is now the RTR Training Officer. Sarah has a Bachelor degree in Arts and Communications, loves new music, and is excited to share her passion for radio with anyone who wants to learn.


Wayne Bynder (Trainer), has enjoyed 10 years working and learning in remote regional areas of the Kimberley and in the Northern Territory. Wayne has two tertiary degrees and a professional working life that evolves around education and radio broadcasting. Wayne has built up 30 plus years of experience in all areas including training, broadcasting and managing.

cynthia keith CMTO Trainer

Cynthia Keith (Trainer), has worked for many years in training and education both here in Australia an d in Japan. She is currently Training Manager of two of Stanley Colleges’ campuses and has worked a s a presenter on both TV and community radio.


Colin Newton (Trainer). Employed as a media production secondary school teacher since 2009, Colin Newton studied arts media and a Graduate Diploma of Education before taking up roles with Media Monitors Australia (as both a monitor and assistant studio manager) as well as broadcasting and volunteering at Harvey Community Radio, which is situated midway between Perth and Margaret River.