CMTO trainers

These trainers and coaches are all in the ACT and may be willing to travel. Please contact the CMTO if you would like to request a trainer...

david webb 1 small edited

David Webb (trainer), has worked in the community media sector for more than 40 years as a producer and presenter. He has implemented a number  of courses and conducted on the job training in studio and OB audio and other areas at ABC TV. David currently produces and presents a show on Canberra’s ArtSound. 


Terry Giesecke (trainer), is a presenter at ArtSound FM 2001 and editor of the presenters' newsletter at ArtSound FM. Terry has also acted on the board for ArtSound FM and has been the webmaster for Belconnen community web site since 2005.  He has also worked in the training sector for many years and been involved in developing government policy on training in the ACT.