The Community Media Training Organisation provides nationally-accredited training to community broadcasters. All our staff are fully qualified and able to deliver training at the highest standard.




Accredited or nationally-recognised training is pretty much like doing a TAFE course at your radio or television station- when you are planning a course you need to start the process about three months before you want the training to start. 

At the CMTO we know how most community stations operate and so we have put together this info for you to take to your manager or board to help get training started at your station.

What does your station need for training?

You will need access to a studio, computers, editing software and the Internet. You will also need a training room.

What next?

1. Fill out the CMTO Training Application Form. 

2. Set the dates for the course and advertise it at your station.

3. Collect student information and submit with grant application. 

4. Once the grant is confirmed the CMTO will send you all the materials you need.


CUA20215 - Certificate II in Creative Industries

CUA20215 - Certificate II in Creative Industries is suited to students who have the desire to work in a community broadcasting environment but have no prior experience. The qualification provides foundation skills for new entrants to the industry.… Read More

CUA31015 - Certificate III in Screen and Media

CUA31015 - Certificate III in Screen and Media is designed for people wanting to work, or develop their skills, as radio program makers/presenters, editing/production assistants, interactive media authors or camera/lighting assistants. It reflects… Read More
graduation cap

CUA41215 - Certificate IV in Screen and Media

The CUA41215 - Certificate IV in Screen and Media offered by the CMTO is designed for people who are interested in holding a wide range of skills in audio production and broadcasting. The CMTO also offers students enrolled in the course a number of… Read More