Features and documentaries are forms of story telling. In this section of AudioLab you will find some great examples of beautifully crafted audio.

OB Training SMART05

Making great features- Certificate IV in Screen and Media

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As part of the CMTO's nationally accredited Certificate IV in Screen and Media (CUA41215) course, students learn the ins and outs of feature-making for radio. Students are mentored by industry professionals to create complex audio works with a focus on… Listen here
Pine Gap

3CR's Pine Gap Investigation

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Episode two of a three part Pine Gap Investigation by 3CR's Radioactive program. Episode two features three women whose connections with Pine Gap date back decades, as investigators and protesters: Greens senator Lee Rhiannon, physician Sue Wareham (also vice… Listen here

2015 National Features and Documentary Series Participants & Mentors

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2015 National Features and Documentary Series Participants & Mentors The National Features and Documentary Series aims to encourage storytelling from new and emerging producers around Australia. Individuals were invited to submit their idea for a feature or… Listen here
24 hour radio race

KCRW's 24-Hour Radio Race

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For one day in August, producers from across the globe grabbed their mics and jumped into action for KCRW's first annual 24-Hour Radio Race. At 10am on the 17th August, radio producers were emailed a theme and given just 24 hours to write, record and edit a… Listen here
women on the line

3CR's Women on the Line: award winning radio

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The EVAs Media Awards (Eliminating Violence Against Women Media Awards) honour journalists for excellence in the reporting of violence against women, in print, television, radio and online media; and celebrate media contributions to the prevention of violence… Listen here
PBS blank on blank Website Sidebar

Blank on Blank

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This series is produced by a multimedia nonprofit org with a simple mission: curate and transform journalists’ unheard interviews with icons, bringing them to life on radio, mobile apps, YouTube, and beyond. The future of storytelling? Remixing the archives.… Listen here
redfern mural

St Vincent's

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This story about a local conflict at a Catholic Church in Sydney's Redfern won Gina McKeon a Walkley Award. This is the first Walkley won by a community radio broadcaster! Notice the way Gina startes recording for her story on her way to the Church when she… Listen here

Sherre Delys - If

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This animation dips its toes into the vast wild world of a child’s imagination. Inspired by an interview produced by Sherre Delys and John Jacobs, a child in Sydney Australia’s Children’s Hospital explores the endless possibilities that come after the word… Listen here

Imaginary Friends

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What we love about this...The use of atmos and sound effects is subtle. The bath water, the birds, the television, the pram wheels, the sounds of kids playing all sit quietly in the background, not distracting but somehow helping us to imagine where we are in… Listen here

Because You Can't Smell Someone on Skype

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This story about a couple who met on a dating website and then dated on Skype is made all the more endearing with the Skype sound effects. The way Liam Nolan from Irish RTE.ie Documentary on One got the couple to tell their story(ies) is also important to the… Listen here

Do You Read Me

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What is really cool about this feature (starting at 8 min 40s) is that it was recorded by ABC's RN in front of a live audience with Rachel Maher reading, the atmosphere of Kabul is real and the timing is great and quite a feat as it was a live mix of Rachel's… Listen here
apache trail


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This an amazing story about one of the last remaining members of a native American village Mescalero Apache. More than anything this feature points to the importance of oral history and the power of a personal story. There are no production tricks needed… Listen here

Summer of '75

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The interesting thing about this story is that is is about surfing but there is not one sound of the surf in the feature. Instead the producers used music and sound effects to move the story along. This story has drama, conflict and a great plot about a young… Listen here

A Very Lucky Wind

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Where do we start? Everything about this Radiolab feature is brilliant! The story, the half-scripted banter between presenters, the way the talent (both Laura Buxtons) is dropped in, the music and the sheer speed of delivery. In fact we could write a thesis… Listen here
space station

Ham Radio

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What we love about this... "Before the likes of Skype and Twitter, curious people built and operated amateur ‘ham’ radios in order to connect with other curious people around the world. The Cosmic Frequency tells the story of Maggie Iaquinto, an American-born… Listen here
xmas goblin

Goblin Night

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A cute Christmas story about a goblin- or we should say a man who wanted to watch the football and a goblin. The feature is full of pretty Christmas sounds, children playing and a range of other sound effects. The music was written specially for the feature.… Listen here
baked buns

Cathy's Story

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 Cathy's Story is one of a series of features about people who have been in jail. While it is simple in its form, it remains a powerful and compelling story told by the writer. Unable to embed Rapid1Pixelout audio player. Please double check that: 1)You have… Listen here