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The Community Media Training Organisation (CMTO) is a registered training organisation which delivers management and media training. We specialise in developing and delivering courses in broadcast and production, as well as training for managers and board members of community radio stations. The CMTO works with media and training organisations around Australia and the world consulting on high quality effective training techniques and best practice in e-learning.


"I think the CMTO is worth it's weight in gold, as are the trainers."

- Sherina Winton, 5PBA

A critically breathtaking course, really forces reflection of the self. I am inspired to be better as a human 

- CUAMWB401 Unit from CUA41220 Certificate IV in Screen and Media Course

"Witnessing so many of us share similar values and passions to maintain genuine community access re-charged my will to collaborate forever."

- Pathways Strategic Planning 5UV with Charlotte Bedford

"I know this training will be absolutely invaluable for the station. We're expanding our outside broadcast program quite substantially at the moment so it'll be a huge help.
Thank you so much for facilitating this. The CMTO is an absolutely priceless resource so keep up the great work."
- Stephen Stockwell, 4ZZZ Station Manager

"It had been well over 12 months since we’d been able to get groups together at the station so it was wonderful to see enthusiastic peeps, some meeting each other for the first time, enjoying learning more about broadcasting and I look forward to their programs developing with their newly acquired information and skills. Thanks again for a most excellent weekend……gotta love community radio!!!"
– Phil Ruck, 3MDR Station Manager

"I've just started my 2nd year as Station Co-ordinator at 3GCR and was tasked with finding funding avenues, this included Grants and sponsorship. Having never done this before I found the Think Big 2 CMTO course the best thing I have done in the last 12 months"
- Belinda Ritchie, 3GCR

“This course made me feel like I won something big. I learned something I didn't do before - talking on the radio.…when I listened to myself talk on the radio I feel like I can do this and more.”

- NEMBC Multimedia Project with Anita Michalski

"It was really great to take the time to reflect on my self care in the workplace and identify what the risks are of not taking care of yourself physically and mentally. The assessment tasks really helped with this.” 

- CUAMWB401 Unit from CUA41220 Certificate IV in Screen and Media Course

“all thanks should go to you, Merryn, Martin and all the people at the CMTO. You’ve been such a wonderful organisation to deal with. It’s been an absolute pleasure, and I’m sad it’s all over!”

- Reggie Lawless, 2BLU Station Manager

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