What is the CMTO?

The Community Media Training Organisation is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO ID 91800), delivering accredited and pathways training to community broadcasters around Australia.

The CMTO's mission statement is 'Media Skills for All'.

Read our 2018-2021 Strategic Plan here.

The CMTO is committed to delivering high quality and innovative training using the latest education tools both online and face to face.

To find out what our clients and students think of us you can check out  the results of our latest Quality Indicator Annual Summary Report

The CMTO is a registered charity, you can view the CMTO Constitution and Latest Annual Report on the ACNC register.

The CMTO ackowledges the Community Broadcasting Foundation as our main source of funding.

Giordana Caputo
Chief Executive Officer

Giordana Caputo

Giordana Caputo is the CEO of the Community Media Training Organisation and Secretary of the CMTO Board. An experienced manager, broadcaster, producer...

National Training Manager

Jason Velleley

Jason Velleley is the National Training Manager. Jason is an accomplished community broadcaster, with over 20 years of experience in community radio...

Pathways Training Manager

Mikaela Ford

Mikaela Ford is the Pathways Training Manager at the Community Media Training Organisation. Mikaela brings a wealth of knowledge...

Project Manager: Leadership and Enterprise Training

Charlotte Bedford

Charlotte Bedford is our Project Manager: Leadership and Enterprise Training. Charlotte is a community media trainer, practitioner and researcher with 30 years of experience...

Compliance Officer

Hannah Murray

Hannah Murray is the Compliance Officer at the Community Media Training Organisation. Hannah's passion for radio started in her teenage years...

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Communications Coordinator

Kween G

Kween G has many years’ experience as a producer and presenter for the SBS Radio Sydney program, Alchemy. Former volunteer and employee at Radio Skid Row...

Tanita Razaghi square
Communications Assistant Trainee

Tanita Razaghi

Tanita Razaghi is a presenter on Allnighters at FBi Radio and an associate producer of Backchat - FBi Radio’s flagship news and politics show...

Merryn headshot square
Support Officer - Pathways

Merryn McDonnell

As part of her role as Support Officer at the Community Media Training Organisation, Merryn McDonnell is acting as Course Coordinator for the Introduction to Journalism In Community Media online course.

Support Officer - Student Services

Don Parkinson

Don Parkinson is the Support Officer- Student Services at the Community Media Training Organisation. Currently a co-host and volunteer at community Radio Skidrow.


Deborah Evans

Deborah Evans brings a wealth of experience from her 17 years working in the VET sector for TAFE NSW to the CMTO board. She has over 25 years experience as a Human Resources Manager...


Bukola Esin

Bukola Esin is the current CEO of Waringgarri Media Aboriginal Corporation in Kununurra, Western Australia. Bukola has extensive experience...

NPozdeev headshot

Natalie Pozdeev

Natalie Pozdeev is a media education specialist, with expertise in practice-based journalism and radio training. She is currently...


David Turrell

David Turrell is an enduring member of community media and is currently CEO of 1079 Life, where he was general manager for 6 years prior...


Gavin Ivey

Gavin Ivey is an experienced Program Manager with a wealth of experience in the Arts, Media and Entertainment Industries...


Melvin Lee

Melvin Lee’s interest in the education sector began with his high school teaching career which spanned more than 25 years in Science, Mathematics and Technology...


Luigi Romanelli

Luigi Romanelli is the former Secretary of the National Ethnic and Multicultural Broadcasters Council (NEMBC), and where he represented the Tasmanian ethnic and multicultural community broadcasters...

Giordana Caputo

Giordana Caputo

Giordana Caputo is the CEO of the Community Media Training Organisation and Secretary of the CMTO Board. An experienced manager, broadcaster, producer, journalist and trainer...

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