Support Roles

Support Roles 

Learning Assistant

Our Learning Assistants provide one-on-one or group student support during the delivery and assessment of a course. This will generally apply to students who have an identified learning need and require support to successfully participate in the delivery and assessment of the course content. The Learning Assistant will be guided by the nominated trainer in their weekly activities and report any concerns or challenges experienced by the student back to the trainer so reasonable adjustments can be made to their learning program.


                    • Experience working with people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and or people with a disability
                    • Have experience working or volunteering in a community radio station

Station Coach 

Our Station Coaches support the delivery of the CMTOs courses. They work alongside the nominated trainer to provide students with guidance and feedback in the application of the skills and knowledge taught in the course. This involves but is not limited to coordinating regular meetings with the student/s to assess their progress in the course, understanding of the core concepts and meeting the requirements of the assessments.


                    • Hold a role at the station that has allowed you to understand the station’s administration and broadcast operations including technical.
                    • Have industry-standard skills, knowledge and understanding of the content being delivered
                    • Have a basic rapport with some if not all of the students
                    • Prepared to validate the student’s progress and final assessment


CMTO Mentors support the delivery of the CMTO’s specialised training programs. Mentors provided task-based support and advice to students undertaking assessment tasks and project work. Mentors are industry professionals currently working in the creative industries and they will meet periodically with students throughout a course.


                    • Have industry-standard skills, knowledge and understanding of the content being delivered
                    • Have some experience mentoring or training in the workplace

Guest Presenter

CMTO Guest Presenters support the delivery of the CMTO’s specialised training programs.  Guest Presenters are subject matter experts that assist trainers to provide specialist knowledge and lived experience to students during their training. Guest presenters are generally invited from our industry partners and stakeholders to present on specific topics.


                    • Have industry standard skills and specialist knowledge
                    • Have some experience presenting or training in the workplace

 Casual Staff Expression of Interest

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