2015 CBAA-CMTO Webinars

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In 2015, the Community Media Training Organisation (CMTO) in conjuction with the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) continues our series of free webinars for community broadcasters.

Our webinars function as online workshops that cover various topics of interest to community broadcasters. Participants can engage with webinars from the comfort of their own computer workstation. Anyone with an internet connection can get involved. Best of all, the webinars are offered as a free service.  Resources from webinars will be available online upon completion of each session.

 National Listener Survey: How To Use This Data For Your Station’s Sponsorship Proposals

The National Listener Survey has been carried out by CBAA in partnership with McNair Ingenuity Research since 2004. The surveys provide invaluable feedback to the community broadcasting sector and local community stations about trends, listeners and the sector itself. This information is freely available to the community broadcasting sector via a series of Fact Sheets, and can be used as part of marketing & sponsorship proposals.

Who is this webinar for?

All community broadcasters looking to maximise sponsorship revenue via the use of accurate, up to date statistics and anyone looking for tangible evidence of the importance of the sector to the community.

Hosted by:

  • Matt Balogh and Christian Geilen of McNair Ingenuity, a leading market research agency in Australia founded on 80 years of market and social research heritage.
  • Ilya Lawson, Direct Sales Manager for Fresh 92.7, an Adelaide based youth and community radio station, committed to presenting the best in international and local music and emerging cultures.
  • Gavin Brett, Group Sales Manager for Hope Media, a not-for-profit media organisation located in Sydney and operator of Hope 103.2 and Inspire Digital and Media Sales Australia (MSA), a network of community media outlets from across Australia, providing organisations with a strategic platform to reach a national audience including remote regional areas.

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Copyright Q&A with APRA, PPCA & the Australian Copyright Council

6.30pm, Tuesday 24 February

A knowledge of copyright is essential across all aspects of community broadcasting. Join us as we discuss copyright issues of relevance to community broadcasters with special guests from the Phonographic Performance Company of Australia (PPCA), the Australasian Performing Right Association & Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society Limited (APRA AMCOS) and the Australian Copyright Council.

Who is this webinar for?

Station management, music directors and programmers, announcers, musicians and creators of content.

Hosted by:

  • Lynne Small, General Manager of the PPCA a national, non government, non-profit organisation that represents the interest of record companies and Australian recording artists. The PPCA enables the sector to thrive by providing broadcast licences to community broadcasters.
  • Dave Sheils, Director Media Licensing for APRA AMCOS, an organisation that cover the rights and uses of music, for both local and international songs, for the benefit of music creators and music customers. APRA AMCOS license organisations such as community broadcasters to play or make available their members’ music.
  • Megan West, Senior Legal Officer at the Australian Copyright Council, an independent, non-profit organisation. They representing the peak bodies for professional artists and content creators working in Australia’s creative industries and Australia’s major copyright collecting societies. The Australian Copyright Council support a creative Australia by promoting the benefit of copyright for the common good.

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Emergency Broadcasting

6.30pm, Tuesday 31 March

The role of community broadcasters as conveyers of emergency information to their local communities is a topic of increasing relevance. In an emergency, it is absolutely vital to provide accurate information to listeners from official sources.

Who is this for:

All stations and broadcasters looking to establish themselves as emergency broadcasters and learn from those with extensive experience in providing emergency information to their local community.

Hosted by:

  • Peter Weeks, Station Manager of UG FM, a community broadcasting station serving the Murrindindi Shire in Victoria and an innovator of emergency broadcasting.
  • Reegan Key, Manager, Public Information & Warnings for Emergency Management Victoria, body which supports and enables the Emergency Management Commissioner (EMC) and plays a key role in implementing the Victorian Government’s emergency management reform agenda.

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Special Sponsorship Series

The CBAA is excited to provide a 3 part series of webinars on sponsorship sales, hosted by Stephen Pead.

Stephen has 30 years in the media, marketing and sales industry with significant sales, sales management and general management experience across a variety of markets.

Part 1: Handling and Overcoming Objections

6.30pm, Tuesday 10 February

Too many sponsorship sales people go into the field without being adequately prepared to handle objections and inevitably they come unstuck when a prospect tells them “advertising doesn’t work for my business”!

Objections come up in the normal course of the selling process and more often than not they are questions “coded” as objections. Many times business prospects simply want assurance that the proposed campaign will do what is promised while other prospects want a clear explanation of why they should do business with you.

Topics covered include:

  • The set up to avoid objections
  • Objection or question?
  • The five most common objections
  • Getting to the real issue
  • WIIFM?
  • Listening for the hidden meaning

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Part 2: Conducting Effective Sponsor Meetings/Preparing A Great Proposal

6.30pm, Tuesday 10 March

Too many sponsorship sales people believe that potential clients need “education” on the product. Others feel that a meeting should be where you explain to the prospect how to advertise, when to advertise and what to advertise.

To be really effective you need to see the sponsor meeting as an opportunity to uncover needs or real opportunities.

Following the meeting its vital to put together and present a proposal or plan that delivers on the outcomes of the meeting and demonstrates how your station can deliver a result.

Topics covered include:

  • Setting the agenda
  • Your point of difference
  • The great questions to ask
  • When to raise the subject of price
  • Gaining agreement
  • Simple proposal format
  • Presenting tips

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Part 3: Closing Techniques That Work

6.30pm, Tuesday 14 April

The simple fact is that closing the sale is where the “rubber meets the road”.

Closing is also where most sales professional experience anxiety, lose confidence, try too hard or simply avoid having to close at all. The best way to close a sale is to complete every step leading up to the closing step flawlessly.

Topics covered include:

  • Earn the Right
  • Why is closing important?
  • The steps that lead to the close
  • When to close
  • Closing strategies
  • Trickery is treachery!

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