Each year the CMTO undertakes a Sector Training Needs Survey.

The results of the survey provide rich data to inform the courses offered and promoted in our Annual Training Round.

Key Stats

  • 74% want skills in advanced audio editing and mixing skills.
  • 65% want skills in strategic planning, volunteer management and conducting program reviews.
  • Access to mentoring is a strong need

Read the full report here:  2020_2021 Sector Training Needs Report

Graduate Destination Survey

As part of our 2018-2023 Communications Strategy the CMTO has committed to better understand graduate employment and study outcomes of students after completing CMTO Training.

Key Stats

  • 40% of respondents reported being engaged in paid work since course completion
  • Preferred training provider: 80% responded with the CMTO

Read the full report here: Graduate Destination Survey 2020 Report V1.0 Sept 2020




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