women on the lineThe EVAs Media Awards (Eliminating Violence Against Women Media Awards) honour journalists for excellence in the reporting of violence against women, in print, television, radio and online media; and celebrate media contributions to the prevention of violence against women.  The 2013 EVAs Media Awards were held on the 19th July 2013 at the ANZ Pavillion.

3CR’s Presenter of Women On the Line, Clemmie Wetherall won “Best Radio Feature/Current Affairs” for the program Is Domestic Violence Different in Hollywood?

Listen to the audio here


Judge’s remarks: 

Clemmie Wetherall’s piece explores domestic violence by using a well known Hollywood incident of family violence and makes it relevant to the ordinary person.

It is an innovative use of the medium, weaving excerpts from movies, talk shows and other popular culture into a discussion of community reactions and views to violence.

It highlights the fact that violence affects all women and groups and notably that fame does not protect a woman from violence or from the victim blaming that often ensues.

The piece unpacks concepts of gender and their impact on the way violence is viewed. It is engaging, interesting listening and importantly offers contact information for support services.

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