Finding your audience allows you to engage and build a solid following who will support and share your content.

Here are some ways to find them…


1.  Know who you are looking for

Think about who your audience is (including people who haven’t tuned in yet but should). Identifying areas that will help you understand your specific audience is fundamental to a strong digital content strategy.

Are they people who like a particular kind of music?

Are they looking for local news and information?

Are they young or old? Where do they live? What’s their background?

Are they likely to be of one political persuasion?

What do they do for fun/relaxation?

What kinds of groups or associations would they join?

What do they like and dislike?

How do they interact online and offline?

What is most important to them?

2. Think about where they hang out

In the past, having a presence at a music or local festival was considered a great way to promote your station or program. Getting your logo on a flyer was another trick. They still work but they are probably less important these days than your online presence.

Think about where people who would like your show or station hang out online. Facebook? Instagram? Certain groups or pages within these communities?

Research what similar programs are doing and who their audiences are.

Look for blogs and other content produced by key influencers. When you do find them, send them an email asking them to share a link to content you think they might like.

Find social media influencers who have similar tastes who can help bring their community to you.

Use analytics to see where your visits are coming from and going to. And what posts and content is doing well with your audience.

3. Engage in a positive way

As we all become more astute about social media one thing becomes obvious. There are some people who use it as a platform to shout others down. While they may build up a following at first you can be sure they will lose followers or people will just tune out. It’s because their interactions with people are negative or condescending.

Stay positive and constructive. Create an online space that people want to come back to.

Introduce content to people that they might be interested in.

Ask questions and be helpful.

4. Become part of their community

By joining groups, following people on social media and liking pages which share similar interests, your online network will grow. To really activate support from others, you should be prepared to put some work into supporting them. Make sure you reach out to your audience and participate in their communities.

Write articles

Attend live events

Create useful content

Comment on blogs and forums

Respond to posts

Share interesting content

Share and comment on their content

5. Produce unique content

Think about what content you have or have access to that no one else has. It not hard to produce relevant and interesting unique content for your audiences.

Cover a local issue which is not getting mainstream coverage and you could be the first person with an interview.

Video record part of an exclusive interviews with artists or other talent.

Take photos at festivals and share them immediately online.

Get personalities to submit content or share unique stories.

Get your audience to submit content – photos and videos – around a particular topic or trending topic/hashtag.  

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