A day in the life of our social media manager

I’m The CMTO’s social media monitor. If you’ve seen The CMTO’s posts popping up on your Facebook feed, you can be 99% sure they’ve come from me.

After reading this article about a day in the life of Buffer’s social media manager, I was inspired to write my own ‘day in the social media life of’ to let you know what I get up to on a Friday at The CMTO (although mine is hopefully a little less ‘American Psycho’).

At the moment CMTO’s primary social media focus is on Facebook. If, like us, you’re at the early stages of social media for your organisation, we recommend starting on Facebook and working your way up to Instagram, Twitter and other social media outlets. Master one before you branch out.

Here’s a rundown of what I think about when working on Facebook for The CMTO:

I also like to keep a little checklist with me to make things easier week to week:

Having said this, everyone has their own way of running social media pages from their organisation. Hopefully I’ve given you a guide to make your stations Facebook page perform as best as it can!

For more Social Media tips visit our multiplatform resources here

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