Late last year about 16 women attended The Brisbane Women’s Community Radio Training Project, organised to help balance gender bias in Community Radio, and as an empowerment tool to women who are unable to access training and volunteering by usual pathways. 


The project (later renamed Women On The Edge by participants) was run by Kim Stewart, Maddie Watt, Lucy Czerwinski and Elena Black and the goal was to collaboratively produce a radio series to be played on CRN and 4ZZZ with each participant making an episode. 

“A great experience that has given me confidence to pursue radio” – Participant

Through the project, participants gained the ability to produce a show/segment independently of any radio station. They also got the opportunity to work in a station and be mentored by an existing announcer at 4ZZZ and 4EB. Along with these, participants gained 2 units of a Certificate III which they can use to further their CMTO training. 

As a result, participants were highly motivated to continue their participation in community radio. 

Take a listen to some excerpts from the series below:

The full series will be released in March. Email to play them on your station!


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