What is the CMTO AudioLab?

The CMTO’s AudioLab is a showcase of creative audio production designed to inspire producers in community radio stations around Australia to make great radio.

The documentary and features which you can hear on AudioLab are examples of those brilliant moments of radio which take you to the cinema screen which exists inside your head. Sometimes it’s as simple as the sound of a bird squawking in the opening of 3CR Earth Matters or the squeak of a violin imitating a child’s chatter in Sherre DeLys’ “If”. Whatever the trigger, AudioLab examines what it takes to produce audio art for radio.

AudioLab also ventures out of the ivory tower where producers spend months making complex productions and gets down to business with some simple ideas which work. While purists may say that this is not art – we’ve included them here because we want to show how the more complex productions can influence something as simple as how a station promo or sponsorship announcement is made.

There is something in AudioLab for everyone…have fun exploring and don’t forget to send us your great examples of audio production!

Are you going new places with audio?

Tell us about your amazing audio or nominate a show or presenter at your station to feature in our online gallery contact the CMTO

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