Aguer Ngor Athian 1

My name is Aguer Ngor Athian, I consider myself a human rights activist, I like to be the voice of the voiceless and love creating opportunities for those who have lost hope, to empower them and give them a platform to speak and empower themselves.

I joined 3ZZZ radio in 2011, as a broadcaster for Sudanese program. Two years later, I had an opportunity to participate to co-produce an Asylum seekers project called “Are we There Yet” which won NEMBC Best Feature series award in 2014.

I was a youth convenor for NEMBC, as well as an executive board member for the Ethnic radios and NEMBC for those two years. My involvement in community radio and taking part in various programs motivated me to seek more opportunities, like getting involved in NFDS.

Aguer says ‘I want to utilise this great platform, to educate the community about issues which are not being discussed in our communities, and to also give minority communities an opportunity to voice their own voices. I hope to learn more to educate the wider Australian about my community as well voicing its unique experiences, and how to best empower my community using radio as a platform.’

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