Ever wondered why assessors need to submit so much paperwork to the RTO? Here are some frequently asked questions about what happens to your paper work when it reaches the RTO.

Why do I have to use the assessment checklists issued by my RTO?
Registered Training Organisations are responsible for quality assurance of the assessment process. With assessors around the country it is important that standards for assessment a set. This occurs through a number of measures including assessor qualifications, ongoing professional development and assessment tools including assessment checklists.

What happens to my files when they reach the RTO office?
Once your paperwork arrives at the RTO it is checked to ensure that your decisions are in line with other assessors’ decisions and that the evidence provided by you including assessment checklists have been filled out properly and submitted.

Why do I have to send samples of the students’ work to the RTO?
The samples allow the RTO to examine and compare decisions made by different assessors. It helps the community radio sector set benchmarks and have a common understanding of assessment requirements.

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