There are so many audio editing tools at your disposals that have different strengths and weaknesses. We’ve boiled it down for you. 

For computer 

Audacity is a free, industry level piece of recording software that simply allows you to record or upload audio into it, cut it up and export it as different audio formats. It’s an excellent one to use if you are just getting into audio recording and editing because of its super user friendly interface.

Free Audio Editor and WavePad
Available to download for Mac or Windows, these Free Audio Editors are quite similar in their setup and are really easy to use. Although each piece of software interface is entry level, they allow you to get technical with more complex editing echniques like mixing and filters. These programs will help you get from peaky smartphone recordings to becoming a technology pro! 

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FL Studio 12
One of the more sexier pieces of audio editing software out there is FL Studio 12. Available in a free and “beta” (paid) version, this piece of software works really well on desktop computers and portable devices. 



For Android
Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

still of audi evolution mobileScreenshot of Audio Evolution Mobile Studio | CMTO

Whilst having quite basic functions, Audio Evolution Mobile Studio is a great app that allows for multitrack playback. This means you can upload recordings onto it and overlap them. Offering simple options like “edit, split, record, stop and play”, Audio Evolution Mobile studio is a great app for creating content on the go. 

Audio editor for Android
Here’s a simple name for a pretty simple and free app – it does what it says. The main features of this one are the ability to crop mp3 or aac audio files, convert audio (WAV to mp3, wma to mp3, m4a to mp3, and mp3/WAV/m4a/wma to aac files. It also allows you to extract mp3 from mp4 videos which may come in handy if you shot some video that you want to re-use the audio from. We actually wrote an article showing you some great multiplatform projects!

For iOS
Garageband is a classic free audio editing program that is built in to most Mac computers but did you know you can download Garageband for iOS? It allows you to record audio on up to 32 tracks, use Touch Instruments, make audio loops and edit single parts or entire pieces of audio. It can be used on both iPads and iPhones but works best on iPad Pro or iPhone 6.

Hindenburg Field Recorder 
This is a paid app specifically designed for Journalists by the Copenhagen software designers. They have offered all the finalists of the CBAA’s National Features and Documentary Competition a one-year subscription to the Hindenburg Journalist Pro. If you want to check it out they do offer a free trial of the app. 

Whilst these are a selection of apps and programs we found for your audio recording and editing needs, there’s far more out there! 

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