barb 2Name: Barb Dunford Halloran

Current Position: Barb is better known as Dolly Ringwald, presenter of Octogenarius, Tuesdays 8pm to 9pm on 98.9 TYGA FM in the Derwent Valley, Tasmania. 

She is currently the Editor of TYGABytes, the newsletter of TYGA FM.

How long have you worked in the sector? where did you start out?

I started at TYGA FM in September 2012. This is the first time I’ve been involved with community radio. My husband had been involved with the station for several years, since it started, but it wasn’t something I’d really thought about doing. In 2012 he and our (then) 5 year old son filled in for another presenter who was on holidays for 3 weeks. One thing led to another and our son ended up becoming the station’s youngest presenter (and we believe, the youngest presenter in Australia at the time), with his own weekly show. I thought if a 5 year old could do it, so could I, and the idea for Octogenarius was born during my chilly evening walks.

I thought it might be fun to focus on artists from the 1980s, as that’s the music I grew up with, but to take a look at their career outside the 80s – so side projects, solo work, different bands, writing credits, duets, cover versions – whatever they’d done. That’s how the show started, but I’ve since extended it into focusing on different 80s themes (Hair metal, Aussie pub rock, artists called Paul, and most recently, selections from a Top 40 chart from an equivalent week from a year in the 80s). Sometimes I just play 80s music I feel like listening to.


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