If you have some big ideas for your station this year, let us help you get the skills to make them a reality!

The CMTO’s latest accredited course offering is a fully subsidised opportunity for you to work with peers and mentors to build leadership skills and boost community engagement.

For fully subsidised courses, the CMTO does not charge course fees to participants.

The THINK BIG: CUASS00099 Community Broadcasting Marketing Skill Set covers topics including volunteer management, fundraising, sponsorship, and project management, over six nationally recognised units of competency: 

  • BSBLDR602– Provide leadership across the organisation
  • BSBMKG434– Promote products and services
  • BSBPMG430– Undertake project work
  • CUAIND311– Work effectively in the creative arts industry
  • BSBPUB503– Manage fundraising and sponsorship activities
  • BSBCMM411– Make presentations

The course is designed for staff and volunteers who are active members of a station and provides an opportunity to consolidate and develop the on-the-job skills involved in running community media organisations.

Please download and read all course information here- FORM 29 Course Outline Brochure CUASS00099

Starting at the end of March 2022 and delivered online over 30-36 weeks, small teams will work with industry mentors to complete a series of 18 assessment tasks based on two major projects:

  • A fundraising campaign building on your station’s core sponsorship, grants and fundraising income
  • And an enterprise development plan for a new income idea

The course builds on CMTO Leadership and Enterprise programs delivered over the past two years, combining sector experience and best practice case studies with a nationally recognised certificate.

If you’re a manager, board member or trainer who is actively involved in the management of a community radio or television station, work with sector peers and experts to consolidate your existing skills, learn new approaches, and develop your fundraising ideas.

APPLICATIONS FOR THIS COURSE ARE NOW CLOSED- for more information on our accredited coruses please contact us


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