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CMTO Live: CBAA’s Holly Friedlander-Liddicoat talking Social Media

Join CBAA’s Holly Friedlander Liddicoat LIVE on our Facebook page on Wednesday the 28th of Feb, 1pm AEDT. Ask her all about how your station can engage with social media. Holly is Community Broadcasting Association of Australia’s Member Services + Marketing & Engagement Assistant and has a long history in community broadcasting. She began her …

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Facebook Live Presenter Call-Out

If you are one of those awesome people that completed our Training Needs Survey 2018 (if you haven’t, why not do it now it only takes a sec), you may have read about Facebook Live training sessions.  We’ve found that Facebook is not only a great tool for keeping friends and family up to speed …

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CBAA and CMTO launch Health Check

 The Community Radio Station Health Check launched by The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia and the CMTO is a free online tool that helps your station assess how you’re operating.  It assists by checking a number of factors that a station requres to be successful and combines them to build a picture of how your …

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2015 CBAA-CMTO Webinars

2015 CBAA-CMTO Webinars Free webinar series for 2015, register now. In 2015, the Community Media Training Organisation (CMTO) in conjuction with the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) continues our series of free webinars for community broadcasters. Our webinars function as online workshops that cover various topics of interest to community broadcasters. Participants can engage with webinars …

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Free Webinar: Women in Community Media

Latest News: Women in Community Media  What role does community media play in addressing the gender imbalance of the mainstream media?  How well is your station doing in ensuring women are involved at every level of management of the station?  This webinar is an opportunity to learn about the status of women in community broadcasting …

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Free Webinar: Sponsorship regulation

Latest News: Does a station have to be paid for an announcement for it to be considered advertising and therefore a breach of the regulations? When does a gig guide or an interview with a musician become an advertisement? Whether it’s about the 5 minute limit on sponsorship or presenters failing to understanding the difference …

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Free Webinar: Conflict Resolution

  Got issues at your station?  Need some strategies to deal with conflict and disputes?  Well register for this free CMTO/CBAA webinar on Conflict resolution, on Thursday 24th June 2014, 6:30pm.   All you need to join is a computer or a telephone!  REGISTER NOW Community broadcasters are bound by the Community Broadcasting Radio Codes …

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Free Webinar: Fundraising for Community Stations

Community broadcasters rely on the financial support of their respective communities to remain viable. Although sponsorship has traditionally served as the preferred method for raising revenue, there are a range of alternative streams available for stations to utilise. Hot off the 2014 3MBS Radiothon, Station Manager Anne Frankenberg will join us to discuss the running of large …

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