Like a version and fire in the booth

If you are a radio presenter thinking about how to bring another element to your show, consider incorporating a segment you can film on video and direct your listeners to later. via GIPHY Triple J’s Like a version and BBC1 Extra’s Fire in the booth are two great examples of how radio presenters have thought …

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Tell A Story Using Photos

Using photos and audio together is an effective way to tell a story. The following article provides some of the basics for creative photo stories at your radio station.  Photo stories, audio slideshows or pictorial audio stories are all the same way of describing a story that is told using a combination of images and …

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Changing Your Workflow

Whether you are doing live programs or producing documentaries, the new media environment means that you need to re-think how to get a workflow happening that will save you time and get you more engagement online.   Your current workflow for a live radio program probably looks something like this: 1. Plan the next episode …

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Simple Content Plan for a Project

Planning small muliplatform projects is a great way to get started. In this article Nicola Joseph, of the CMTO, talks about how she would have done a recent project differently if she had known how to plan it. While I work full time at the CMTO, from time to time I like to get my …

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What you need to know about Podcasting

Podcasting explores the mind in a way that radio does not. It embodies the art of oral storytelling in a performative, creative and enticing way.  As portable devices ever increasingly become an extension of our limbs, people are watching less TV, going to the cinemas less often but are still after a series they can …

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Making Audio for the Online

Photo via Theresa You’ve got an audio story idea which you are yet to write and record. You should be incorporating the online into your planning stages.  Remember the idea about audio in an online setting is that is has to be SOCIAL. This doesn’t mean just sharing the story online after the fact. It …

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