What’s Up, Skip?

Nothing says ‘Australia’ like the kangaroo. From the 1960’s TV sensation Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, the green & gold Made in Australia logo and the Qantas flying kangaroo to indigenous dreamtime mythology. Producer:Kate Elliott3CR, Melbourne Mentor: Martin Walters (CBAA/CRN) The kangaroo is an icon that crosses generations and cultures. You possibly even have a few …

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No Tunnel No Way

IMAGINEYou get a letter.Your house is to be ‘compulsorily acquired’ for a toll road.The house you were born in.The house you have lived in for 70 years.This is what happened to Keith Fitzgerald, residen of Collingwood, Melbourne in 2013.Keith and hundreds of other Melbournians join together in a campaign of resistance against the East West …

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In the spirit of the second decade of the twenty-first century, we’ve named our documentary using a ubiquitous marker of our times: the hashtag. Producers:Adelaide Rief, Yen Eriksen and Farz Edraki.2XX FM, Canberra Mentor: Kevin Klehr #CityOfLove was trending on Twitter as the ACT government made moves towards making laws to create marriage equality in …

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Autism and Humanity – Understanding ASD

I am 46, single female with no kids. I find loud noises and shopping centres extremely stressful. Then you add small children having tantrums and I find the experience completely. intolerable. Producer:Melanie DohenyWild Horse FM, Yarraman Mentor: Chloe Collins Why can’t parents just bloody-well deal out some discipline and consider those around them? I just …

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Another Stolen Generation

In Western Australia, Aboriginal children make up more than half of all children in out-of-home care or what is known as foster care. Yet Aboriginal children only make up 5 per cent of the population in the state. Aboriginal foster carer Carol Dowling goes on a journey to investigate whether she and her community are …

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