Women in Media

Barb Dunford Halloran

Name: Barb Dunford Halloran Current Position: Barb is better known as Dolly Ringwald, presenter of Octogenarius, Tuesdays 8pm to 9pm on 98.9 TYGA FM in the Derwent Valley, Tasmania.  She is currently the Editor of TYGABytes, the newsletter of TYGA FM. How long have you worked in the sector? where did you start out? I …

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Stephanie Amir

Current roles: In my daytime life, I work fulltime as a Project Manager at the Foundation for Young Australians. In my radio life, I co-host of weekly current affairs show Is Nothing Sacred? on Joy94.9. How long have you been involved in the sector? Only since May 2013. I’m still a newbie! Where did you …

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Interview: Award-winning producer Gina McKeon

Walkley Award-winning radio producer Gina McKeon generously took time out recently to chat to AudioLab about making great radio. In the process of chatting with us about her piece St Vincent’s [featured in Audiolab’s Features + Docos section] Gina shared some great tips for budding producers, including ones about always being ready for for the unexpected …

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Rachael Torise BayFM 99.9FM

Arriving in Bondi at the turn of the Millennium it was hard not to notice the terracotta hues of the Bondi Hotel gleaming like the treasured centrepiece it is, along the beachfront parade. More so for me though and perhaps because I lived directly behind it was the significance of the community radio station I …

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Women in Media Projects

Read about some of the women’s projects which came out of the CMTO’s Women in Community Media Program. The program was open to women working or volunteering in community media stations. The finalists were all given a small budget and a mentor to help them to develo a project to manage at their stations. Here …

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Engaging Women

Anna-Marta was a little hesitant at the beginning of her project. She wanted to increase the involvement of existing women at the station and to encourage new women to get involved. But she wasn’t sure she would get the support. The General Manager at her station proved otherwise and this encouraged her to contact other …

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