2:00pm Tuesday 13 October 2020

Project Management Tools and Resources


Tools, technology and trends to ensure that stations are planning for their immediate futures as comprehensively as possible.

Keeping a handle on the various projects underway at your station can be difficult. Community broadcasters need to plan and execute with the restrictions of limited budgets, managing a broad volunteer base and a broad spectrum of projects. Our webinar will teach you how to juggle (from a project management perspective), looking at the principles and best practice of successful project management, including:

  • Project planning: scoping a project
  • Monitoring and controlling the project
  • Evaluating the project

Presented by: Anna Schinella – CMTO TrainerAnna SchinellaAnna’s experience includes long-term involvement with Radio Skid Row as presenter, producer, multicultural broadcast coordinator, President, and Board member. Her Executive Board member experience extends to the wider non-profit community sector including Immigrant Women’s Speakout of NSW and Metro Assist (formerly Canterbury Bankstown Migrant Resource Centre). She served as Chair of the CBF Development & Operations Grants Advisory Committee, and member of the Sector Investment Advisory Committee.

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