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The 2024 TAKE IT ON Leadership Mentoring Program has come to a close!

The 10-week program matched emerging community media leaders with industry experts for personalised training to focus on a specific issue at their station.

Mentors and students accessed information through the online Learning Management System and met as a group at the beginning, middle, and end of the program to share ideas and progress.

Reflecting on their involvement, all participants felt they had built confidence, had clearer direction, and had gained insights into the sector opportunities available to them.

At the beginning of the program, participant goals ranged from developing a youth podcasting initiative, to inducting a new station manager, volunteer engagement, and strategic planning. 

Here’s what was said when asked about what they had achieved through the program:

“The goal was to increase youth volunteers and learn more ways to increase volunteers - now the grid almost full and there are waiting lists” - Rosh, 2CCR Alive 90.5 FM Sydney.

“Putting a strategic plan together – starting with a culture survey at the station to use as the foundation for building the strategy. We broke it down into specific goals and made an action plan” - Santosh, 1CMS Canberra.

When asked what the biggest takeaways from the program, feedback included:

“A lot of confidence to handle the board or the station as an organisation itself. Specifically, though, concepts of people management, strategy, and planning.”

“I have realised that overcoming my fears and being able to increase my confidence that I can hopefully get projects across”.

“There is so much help available to tap into, it is reassuring to have a wealth of knowledge and skills offering support. You are never alone with your woes, troubles or successes”.

Click here to read about the industry expert mentors we had involved this year.

This year’s participating stations include:

  • 1CMS Canberra
  • 2CCR Alive 90.5 
  • 2RSR Radio Skid Row
  • 3BGR Good News Radio
  • 5PBA Salisbury
  • 5DDD Three D Radio 
  • 7EDG Edge Radio

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