“It’s been a really awesome experience, it’s been my first time as an official mentor and it’s just been so fantastic being a part of this group and getting to yarn with everyone that’s in this program as well, it’s been terrific.” Kelly Williams (ABC-Mentor)

The CMTO is proud to present the deadly graduates of our inaugural mentorship program for emerging leaders from the First Nation’s media community:

  • Charlotte Coulthard (Radio Adelaide/Nunga Wangga)
  • Rohanna Angus (PAKAM)
  • Stephanie Stone (FNMA) 
  • Sophia Mann (4ZZZ)
  • Glenys Opum (Noongar Radio) 
  • Sylvia Tabua (TSIMA 4MW) 
  • Aeryca Davis (2NVR)
  • Ange Parrish (2NVR)
  • Arlene Langton (Cherbourg Radio) 
  • Annabelle Cox (9PRK Halls Creek)
  • Nardia LaSpina (IUIH-Institute for Urban Indigenous Health)
  • Shene Clements (IUIH) 
  • Brooke Carson (IUIH) 
  • Tully Button (IUIH)

This mob have been on a 10-week journey skilling-up in everything from financial management to strategic planning with a group of incredible mentors supporting them every step of the way. 

Having a sounding board in these times of uncertainty is crucial for leaders in our community, but the isolation has meant making connections through the usual avenues has been severely limited. 

The CMTO collaborated with First Nations Media Australia (FNMA) to create individually tailored mentoring programs for First Nations peoples in the community media sector who wanted to advance their leadership and management skills

“I wanna say to all of you so far that you have been incredibly supportive and so generous in regards to how much you have tried to stretch for me. Being given Kirstyn and Billy to support me in this has been incredible” Ange Parrish (2NVR- Mentee)

Led by First Nations women Tabatha Saunders (4ZZZ) and Mikaela Ford (CMTO), participants met weekly for one-on-one learning with their mentors and accessed leadership resources and activities via the CMTO Online Learning Portal.

Throughout the project, all participants and mentors met up for group yarns at the beginning, middle and end of the project to connect and network with the other participating stations and organisations.

Our mentors were drawn from our partner First Nations organisations, and brought an array of experience: 

  • Jodie Bell (Goolarri) 
  • Kirstyn Lindsay (former 3KND)
  • Anthony Ward (Noongar Radio
  • Kelly Williams (ABC)
  • Karina Hogan (Let’s Talk 989FM)
  • Boe Spearim (Let’s Talk 989FM)
  • Craig Ford (NRMA)
  • Tangiora Hinaki (Ngaarda Media)
  • Matthew Andrews (SBS)
  • Elaine Rabbitt (Goolarri)
  • Gavin Ivey (the Current Motion)
  • Billy Mcpherson (CMTO) 

The CMTO is thrilled to have had an amazing cohort of deadly leaders to pilot the project, the connections and yarns were a bright light during these trying times.

“It was all a highlight- really great course and I know it’s so vital. The information that CMTO shared is incredible & working with Charlotte/catching up with Charlotte was so good” Gavin Ivey (The Current Motion- Mentor)

“I just loved the project and the reason I love it is about mentoring Arlene at Cherbourg, we’d never met before we didn’t even know each other-The positive was really the mentoring” Elaine Rabbit (Goolarri- Mentor)

“I guess the highlight to that was getting to know Karina and Boe (Mentors) and I guess having an opportunity to dream big in terms of what I wanted to produce— There’s just so much to talk about and the best part about that is I made a plan not only for this project but future projects and what I wanted to develop and the stories, personal ones as well as family & mob & community.” Shene Clements (IUIH-Mentee)

“I met so many people over east through Kelly’s contacts, all of her friends and network, Kelly has been so great, such a great support & sharing ideas, so definitely going to keep in contact with Kelly and hopefully the rest of you.” Glenys Opum (Noongar Radio- Mentee)

If you are interested in participating in the next round of First Nations Take It On in 2022, email [email protected]

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