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CMTO has been continuing their collaboration with the National Ethnic and Multicultural Broadcasters’ Council on the NEMBC Multimedia Training Project

Last month, the African women’s group finished their initial training with our trainer, Anita Michalski and student support Amruta Nargundkar. 

One of the students, Zeinab Smin, really enjoyed the training and agreed to let CMTO celebrate her successful experience by sharing her story with us.

Zeinab says, “This course made me feel like I won something big. I learned something I didn't do before - talking on the radio. When I listen to people talk on the radio I think it's difficult. But when I listened to myself talk on the radio I feel like I can do this and more. I want to thank you because you supported us."

Trainer Anita Michalski spoke to Zeinab and shared these insights with us:

Zeinab valued the radio training program because it was an opportunity for her to spend time on her personal development - something that hasn't been possible for a long time as she's been busy raising her family in Melbourne. 

She loves learning new skills, but unfortunately could not complete her primary education, as she had to leave school in South Sudan just after 5th Grade. Zeinab worked hard to put her siblings and her children through school, and is proud to see them flourishing.

However, she still faces challenges with literacy and is frustrated at her unfulfilled education goals. 

This course gave her the inspiration to start learning things just for herself. She's spent most of her life caring for others' needs, but she says "it's my turn now".

Zeinab looks forward to attending further radio training sessions at Casey Radio in Cranbourne.

CMTO is pleased to have been part of Zeinab’s journey in learning broadcast skills and we wish her well in her future radio endeavours.

A picture of Zeinab Smin from behind her as she does her training. She is sitting at a table in front of a laptop and microphone.
A picture of Zeinab Smin as she does her training. She is sitting at a table in front of a laptop and microphone.
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