The CMTO is committed to the delivery of fair, reasonable, and ethical dealings in all of its contact with students, employees, board members and others including:

  • Client information
  • Confidentiality
  • Complaints and appeals
  • Fee structure
  • Access and equity
  • Workplace health & safety

CMTO Employee Responsibilities


All CMTO employees are required to uphold standards of behaviour and practice in undertaking their role with CMTO:

  • Perform any duties associated with their position in a diligent, competent and honest manner, consistent with the values of the organisation
  • Treat others with respect and courtesy, act fairly and equitably, respecting diversity in the environment which they work in
  • Prevent and respond to unlawful discrimination against other employees, students, clients and stakeholders
  • Use equipment, facilities and funds for the primary purpose of undertaking organisational duties
  • Maintain confidentiality of private organisation and personal client information obtained during course of employment and other formal engagement with the organisation
  • Agree that CMTO retains the Intellectual Property rights of all materials of whatever nature, created or utilised in the performance of your role. All materials shall remain the sole and complete property of the CMTO.
  • Acknowledge that as an employee you cannot act as a representative of the CMTO to the media without the express permission from the CMTO CEO.
  • Maintain organisation and personal records in accordance with legislative and organisational policy requirements
  • Understand and comply with organisation policies and procedures
  • Manage conflicts of interest in accordance with organisation policies and procedures
  • Perform duties in a safe and competent manner in accordance with organisational workplace health and safety policies and procedures, and relevant workplace health and safety legislation
  • Act in preventing, identifying and responding to workplace health and safety risks


CMTO Trainer Responsibilities


In addition to their responsibilities as employees, all trainers are required to meet the rights of participants in CMTO courses and programs:

  • Treat students with respect and dignity
  • Provide a healthy and safe learning environment
  • Recognise particular needs and circumstances of students, including:
    • beliefs,
    • ethnic background
    • cultural and religious practices
    • Special needs and disabilities
  • Allow access to student records on student’s request
  • Give opportunity for feedback on services provided
  • Allow access to the CMTO’s complaints process


CMTO Board Member Responsibilities


In addition to the employee responsibilities above, all members of CMTO board are required to:

Act with honesty, fairness, integrity and in the best interests of the organisation

Use a duty of care, diligence in fulfilling the functions of the organisation

Preserve and enhance the good reputation of the organisation and not engage in conduct likely to bring discredit upon the organisation

Act ethically in their approach to business decisions

Treat all employees, stakeholders, suppliers, funders, competitors and colleagues with respect and courtesy

Ensure that confidential information relating to the organisation and its employees, suppliers and funders is not disclosed to third parties without the consent of the organisation


CMTO Student Responsibilities


As a condition of entry into the CMTO’s courses, participants are expected to:

  • Respect the rights of others.
  • Promote an effective learning environment through good personal behaviour
  • Be aware of their own and others’ health and safety in the learning environment.
  • Encourage equal opportunity


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