CMTO is pleased to welcome two new employees to the team under our Smart and Skilled Entitlement Apprenticeships and Traineeships Program.

We believe that the traineeship program is beneficial for both participants and the employer, so we are delighted to expand our involvement in the program by having two trainees this year.

Our trainees for this year are Karikii Leha-Penrith and Madhuraa Prakash, who will be working in student services and communications for our organisation.

Karikii is our trainee student services assistant (comms). Karikii chose this role as she has always been curious about what goes into community media. At 24 years old, she has spent years working within communities, recently working as a teacher and customer service representative at the National Centre for Indigenous Excellence. Karikii has also had some experience volunteering at Koori Radio, and is interested in learning what it means to be part of the media community. 

Madhuraa has begun as our new trainee communications assistant. Madhuraa is 23 years old and aspired to this traineeship as someone whose values aligned with the community-focused nature of our organisation. Having previously completed an internship at Amnesty International Australia, Madhuraa is familiar with talking about and catering to the needs of her community, and is keen to do so from the lens of community media training.

Through the course of their traineeship, both candidates will be completing a Certificate IV in Screen and Media and will be trained by Kween G. In addition to working at CMTO they will be completing placements at two of our partner stations, FBi Radio and 2SER.

We are glad to be able to provide this opportunity and are excited to see what our trainees will achieve this year. 

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