The Community Media Training Organisation (CMTO) has taken on its first trainee under Smart and Skilled Entitlement Apprenticeships and Traineeships Program. 

As an RTO working within Community Radio stations across the country the CMTO has undertaken this traineeship program to model to other employers in our sector how a traineeship works and how it can benefit their organisation. 

CMTO has employed Tanita Razaghi, a 25-year-old volunteer at FBi Radio, as our Communications Assistant. Tanita will undertake her Certificate IV in Screen and Media Traineeship in this role, focusing on developing skills in visual production for social media, audio feature and podcast production and live event broadcasting.  

The CMTO will partner with community radio stations in Sydney to offer her work-experience within stations to complete training and assessment activities while supervising her employment and training. 

This is a unique model devised by the CMTO to ensure that our trainee is properly supported in a full-time working environment while also gaining valuable on-the-job experience at stations that are largely volunteer-run. 

Tanita is an excellent candidate for this traineeship having some limited experience as a station volunteer and at the very beginning of her broadcasting and communications career. Tanita has a keen interest in community issues having worked in the past as an assistant project officer at the Department of Communities & Justice. She impressed us with her knowledge of her local community and her desire to have their voices heard and their media training needs to be met. 

We welcome Tanita to the CMTO Team and we’ll keep you posted on her progress. 

Giordana Caputo


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