(Script Writing, Audio Editing, Advanced Presentation and Podcasting)

Delivery: 24 hours (4 days)
Course Type: Broadcast

The CMTO’s Creative Storytelling package is a four-day training program that will refine your station’s on-air sound and introduce podcast production capacity.


At the end of the package participants will be able to make better radio programs and produce podcast content, furthering the reach and engagement of your station. This program can help fine-tune your station’s radio craft, with participants taught script writing and advanced radio presentation techniques. It also adds a level of technical know-how, with modules on audio editing, file management, podcast production and publishing.

The Creative Storytelling Package
  • Script writing; How to write for your audience and the elements of an engaging script.
  • Audio editing; How and why to edit, edit plans, effects and file management.
  • Advanced presentation: The listener relationship, vocal care and microphone technique.
  • Podcasting: What are podcasts, podcast publishing and licencing.

Each course takes six hours to deliver and all have practical elements for participants to practice what is taught in a supported environment.
If you’re planning on hosting this program, please consider these questions for the CMTO:

  • How many people will take part in this training and what are their current skill levels?
  • What resources do you have available at your station for training?
  • When would you like the training delivered and over what period?
  • What do you want out of this program? Is this about improving the on-air sound or about learning the skills to produce podcasts?

These details will help the CMTO prepare your trainer to deliver the outcomes you’re looking for.

CMTO Pathways courses do not lead to an NRT AQF certification.

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