Technorama Tuesday Webinar Series

AIRED: Tue 7 Dec 2021 6:30PM AEDT

Chump-Stumpers is back: live panel answers your questions

We’re going to turn 2021 on its head by giving you the chance to get all those tech problems off your chest.  

Alastair Reynolds, Stephen Wilkinson, John Maizels and our special Secret Chump, live on air to answer your questions with the final Technorama Tuesday for this year.  

We’ll tackle anything.  FM, AM, PM, DM, LM, NO and P.  Parallel resistors, automation resisters, magnetic tape persistors, pickups, hickups, and tick-offs.  

No topic too silly, and no [tech!] topic off limits.

You can ask questions on the night, or (sneaky this) get priority by giving us a heads-up.  

Send your question ahead of time to

And the cost for this event, which might go for hours – but at least 1830-1945 on Tuesday 7 December:  Nothing.  Nada.  Zippo.  

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