Leadership Learning Online with the CMTO & The NonProfit Alliance

Developing a Growth Mindset

4:00-5.30pm AEST Wednesday 4 August 2021

As a community broadcaster you love thinking creatively, but running a station can really sap your energy and passion for new ideas!

In this online session the experts at The NonProfit Alliance will help you unlock new ways of thinking and areas of capacity you haven’t discovered… yet!

It’s not easy – our brains are hard-wired to maintain beliefs and habits that work to protect us.

But when your mindset is fixed, it can be easier to avoid challenges, give up when we encounter obstacles, or become defensive when offered constructive feedback.

A ‘growth mindset’ can help you learn from criticism, master difficult challenges, and feel inspired rather than threatened by other’s successes.

Take time to focus on your own personal and professional development and register for this month’s free interactive online leadership workshop.

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