Dre ‘MoZzi’ Ngatokorua

Dre ‘MoZzi’ Ngatokorua is an Adnyamathanha and Wangkangurru, Cook Island and Maori Broadcaster at Umeewarra media, Dre started as a trainee in 2013 while he was at school as a volunteer and has rocked the studio ever since with the ‘Straight Out Show’ which give focus to youth issues and voice to young people in the Port Augusta community.

Dre brings a new mindset to the team through his music selection and topic he covers – encouraging other young people to have a voice.

Dre has been running DJ workshops, school excursion talks and the ‘MoZzi X Inkatja’ Show multimedia cultural experience at the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Dre always has fresh ideas and comes at everything from a youth perspective.

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