Technorama Tuesdays Webinar Series 2020
Emergency Management: How Prepared Is Your Station?

How good are your Station’s Emergency Facilities?

In the first instalment of the Technorama Tuesdays 2020 Webinar Series, we will be following on from the CBAA’s Emergency Broadcasting – Resources & Best Practice Webinar and discussing how to prepare your station for full blown Emergency Broadcasting at a technology level, and what actions your station can take to be fully prepared.

We will be covering:
• Backup batteries
• Generators and fuel (do you have capacity for the long haul?)
• General Emergency Situation Management.
• Emergency Testing Protocols
• Preparation for natural disasters
• Lack of access to TX site.
• Backup TX hardware at the studio site
• Business Continuity
• Disaster Recovery

And so much more!

Our Presenters:

Brad Learnt his trade at Announcers Academy of Australia and sharpened his broadcast skills with a short time at ABC Country Vic. Brad was a founding member of Radio KLFM and has been station manager since KLFM commenced full time transmission on the 26 January 1998.

In October of2014 KLFM having proved that the station had the administrative and technical capacity was invited to provide Emergency Broadcast facilities in central Victoria a memorandum of understanding was enacted between Craig Lapsley “Emergency Management Commissioner” and Brad Geier “General Manager and news director KLFM” and witnessed by the “minister for police and emergency services” Joe Helper
KLFM’s capacity to provide this life saving role is primarily the result of a dedicated campaign to attract ex commercial broadcasters to the ranks of experienced presenters at KLFM.

Brads exceptional management skills combined with list of presenters, including but not limited to, John Page, Barrie Hanson, The late Barry Washington, Russ Street, Grant Mc.Master and Graeme Turpie. Provide a rapid and dedicated response to any Central Victorian Emergency.

KLFM’s live and local 24/7 service ensures a minimum turnaround time to establish news and broadcast facilities

Mike presents the Drive time show Monday, Tues, Wed & Thursday evenings from 5-7pm. Every 3rd month he presents the Irish show.
Mike Tobin’s interest in electronics began at the very young age of 10, with his first foray into theory of high power mercury-vapour rectifier and thyratron gas-filled tubes used as a high-power electrical switching controlled rectifier.

Mike has since clocked up decades in the community broadcasting sector as an accredited trainer, KLFM Senior Technician and founding member of both Technorama Board and the CBAA Technical Standing Committee and board member of the Community Broadcasting Association of Victoria (CBAV),and an active member of the local Amateur Radio club, BAREC.


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