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FAQ’s For Course Transitions CUA Training Package V4.1 to V5.0


What is happening with CMTO accredited courses?

As part of the recent update of the Creative Arts and Culture Training Package (CUA), all qualifications offered by the CMTO have now been superseded. New courses are currently being developed in response to these changes so that the qualifications continue to be industry recognised and reflect the current skills required.

When is the change occurring?

As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), the CMTO must transition to the new training package by 16 October 2022

When can I enrol in the new course?

New course materials are currently being developed and are expected to be ready for delivery later in 2021. Once available, we will then be in a position to offer enrolments in the new course.

What if I am currently studying an accredited course with the CMTO?

So long as you have completed your studies by 16 October 2022, then there is no need for you to transition to the new course. The CMTO will offer transition arrangements for students who are enrolled in courses that extend beyond this due date.

Is there an option to transition to the new course?

For current students this is not necessary, unless they have difficulty in meeting the 16 October 2022 deadline. The CMTO will contact all impacted students directly if there are concerns that the deadline is not met and advise students of their options.

Will my qualifications still be recognised?

Yes, all students who have completed their course before the 16 October 2022 deadline will be issued with a nationally recognised qualification. As the new courses will contain some new units that were not offered with the previous qualification, students may opt to undertake further study in the future should they choose to. The CMTO will provide further information in due course and advise students of their options.

Any questions or concerns

Contact Jason Velleley, National Training Manager, P: 02 9318 9626

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