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Firstly:  have you registered for TR20V on 4 July yet? Only $35 for the full day for Technorama members

Technorama Tuesday at 1830 on Tuesday 30 June 2020.  

Our End Of Financial Year present to you is two things you’ve always wanted:

  • What to expect from TR20V, and how everything bolts together before you get there
  • how you can use some online technologies to help your station do better radio

Along the way we’ll talk about audio (and video) conferencing programs, echo cancellers, Discord and Zoom, studio interfacing, and lots more.

Many of our members struggle with phone line interfaces (hybrids), connecting to the console (mix-minus) and managing audio on delay.  Working from home and managing multiple presenters hasn’t made life easier.

 We show you some of the best cheap problem solvers you can use.


Plus, get an intro to what we’re doing at Technorama TR20V on 4 July.   Not only is TR20V REALLY exciting and pioneering work, the program is a killer for attendees at all levels.

Bonus:  just like this Technorama Tuesday webinar, you can attend TR20V from home and choose your own catering.  And members really save, so become a member of Technorama if you’re not already.

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