The Community Broadcasting Foundation is now taking funding applications from stations wanting to train up technicians at their station.

Community Broadcasting RTO, Triple A Training is taking enrolments in the Cert III in Broadcast Technology in an effort to address the lack of available training for technical staff and volunteers in the community broadcasting sector.

The cost of this course is $3,500.00 and it contains strong employment outcomes and stations can apply for subsidy from the CBF.

To discuss all the options give Bob Gilchrist at Triple A Training a call on 0412 022 491.
This training package will be offered as a self paced on-line program with some short ‘block’ courses to cover hands-on aspects of the training. The 18 units covered will be;broad_tech
  • BSBOHS201A Participate in OHS processes
  • CUFIND301A Work effectively in the screen and media Industries
  • BSBWOR302A Work effectively as an offsite worker
  • CUFBRD301A Perform basic transmission operations
  • CUFGMT301A Repair and maintain production equipment
  • UEENEEE003B Solve problems in extra-low voltage single path circuits
  • UEENEEE004B Solve problems in multiple path d.c. Circuits
  • UEENEEH014B Troubleshoot frequency dependent circuits
  • MEM05001B Perform manual soldering / de-soldering electrical & electronic components
  • MEM18002B Use power tools / hand held operations
  • ICAU3019B Migrate to new technology
  • ICAT3025B Run standard diagnostic tests
  • ICAI3020B Install and optimise operating system Software
  • ICAI3021B Connect internal hardware components
  • ICAI3101B Install and manage network protocols
  • ICAS3115B Maintain equipment and software in working order
  • ICTTC136A Install, maintain and modify customer premises communications cabling: ACA restricted Rule
  • ICTTC137A – Install, maintain and modify customer premises communications cabling: ACA open Rule
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