Thank you to everyone who completed our Graduate Destinations Survey! 

CMTO Project Manager: Leaderships and Enterprise, Charlotte Bedford, is analysing the data to assist us in our continuous improvement and demonstrating training impact. 

Congratulations to Jane Hodgkinson of Wildhorses FM who won the prize draw from completing the survey. Jane has engaged with CMTO multiple times during her involvement with community broadcasting. We recently had a chat to Jane about her experience with our organisation. 

How have you and your station been involved with CMTO?

Since 2019, we have been fortunate to be involved in such a wonderful array of training such as, “Presentation and Interview” training, Think Big Online Learning and Mentoring, Online courses such as “Creating Content Remotely’, Leadership coaching during the Covid Pandemic, as well as an “Intro to Radio” school that was held for some of our local school students over a week during school holidays.

How was this training valuable to you?

Thanks to this training, I have gained confidence in the following: Content ideas and interviewing techniques (including public speaking- outside of the radio station), leadership roles at the station and in the community, and working with sponsors. I have also had assistance in developing Position descriptions, grant writing and creating media/sponsorship kits.

How was this training valuable to your station?

  • Confidence building for our volunteers
  • Great community engagement and seen as a positive organisation in our community
  • Confidence building for our volunteers with interviewing and planning shows
  • Social media presence and content ideas
  • Student voices and their parents – all happy to engage with our station when we ask

What was your favourite part of engaging with CMTO?

I loved following the students on their Radio School journey – from shy and unsure to preparing their own radio show and going on air by the end of the week. The fun they had was infectious!

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