brekkie_radio by Gwilil part of the Cert III at 1WAY FM Canberra CMTO Trainer, David Webb, has suggested some breakfast programmes to listen to.

These vary to what was the most common; one announcer speaking to the listener, to an increasingly common format of the listener eavesdropping on a discussion between 2 or 3 presenters.

This is by no means a comprehensive list and does not necessarily show any personal preference.

David likes the way BBC Radio 2 has a good balance of talk, interviews and music.

David suggests an easy way to listen to radio on-line, with an app for smart phones called Tunein , also a available to listen to on computers at:


Emma Ayres on ABC classic FM 102.3 and 99.1 in Canberra

Coast Breakfast with Tony Johnston on ABC Coast FM Gold Coast

4CRB Gold Costs over 50’s community radio

Aled Jones with Good Morning Sunday on BBC Radio 2 (3pm our time)


Ken and Lucy on Melbourne’s Christian Community Radio Station Light FM

Luke and the Crew (Luke Holt) on the Gold Coasts Christian Community Radio Juice FM

There are many more examples, locally (MIX 106.3, FM104.7, JJJ) and elsewhere, some I don’t like at all, some you may prefer to examples given.

David says he likes to learn from these and think could what could be better. Also how evident is the preparation, presentation and production.

David says he is always impressed by Emma Ayres on ABC Classic FM, as she never says too much or too little in her links. She also encourages you to keep listening with teasers.

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