The latest statistics on how Australians access their music show that people’s first choice is still tuning into the radio.


It’s also interesting to note that YouTube is the next biggest source of music for most people, particularly younger demographics.

What does the chart below tell us about our audiences? Including potential audiences?

Australians access music graphic

Source|Digital Australia: State of the Nation

Firstly, they trust us for music. This is one of the major reasons people tune in to community radio. Its only second to their interest in local news and information. You can check out more info about community radio audiences on the CBAA website.

Secondly, it tells us that people who are interested in music, also use sites like YouTube. This may influence where you put your music interviews and other relevant content. It may also suggest that embedding video links in your social media and webpages is another way to attract new audiences. You may only do your show once a week but becoming a curator of content online throughout the week will build your program’s reputation and widen your audience reach.

Mixing curated content with original content – such as interviews and live-to-air performances – builds the link between your on-air and online audiences.

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