If you only have a limited amount of time to shoot on location and only have your smartphone, check out the tips in the video at the bottom of the page.  

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Before you begin reading this list, the most important problem when shooting a video on your smartphone is Vertical Video Syndrome. Don’t know what it is? Watch the video below:

1. Be mindful that the strongest light is outdoor lighting: If you go from a sunny day into a moderately lit room your phone will compensate for that. To avoid this stop filming just before you get inside and start as soon as you get inside. You can even ask your talent to repeat walking in a few times (there are a lot of smoke and mirrors when it comes to filming!).

2. Direct the camera at the person you are shooting to ensure good audio. 

3. Show don’t tell: If someone is talking about a room or location near where you are shooting you can ask them to take you there and show you. This way you can film what they are talking about and provide another interesting visual for your audience. 

4. Know where you are starting and finishing a shot. Have in your mind what your shot might look like before you start filming to avoid wasting time and ensure a productive workflow.

5. Have you ever tried to take a photo facing the sun or of someone who is standing in front of a window indoors? 

Avoid shooting with an open window or direct light source in the shot. Your smartphone will detect this and compensate the rest of the light in the frame and make everything else super dark. 

6. If you are shooting a behind the scenes clip where someone is showing you around, go around and flick on all the lights to the rooms they might take you into. 

7. Have a rough idea what your talent is going to show you so you can prepare to have some elements there already.through the location before and flick on all the lights in the rooms that you might walk into. If you don’t you’ll be faced with severe light inconsistencies which can be distracting and impossible to fix in the editing process. 

Watch the video on filming using your smartphone below:

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