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You’ve got an audio story idea which you are yet to write and record. You should be incorporating the online into your planning stages. 

Remember the idea about audio in an online setting is that is has to be SOCIAL. This doesn’t mean just sharing the story online after the fact. It should be incorporated into the beginning at the planning stage. It goes beyond sharing links on Twitter and Facebook. How can you actively engage your audience with your story? It’s not that easy – especially because there are so many distractions online, you need to be catching them in the right mood and of course every platform does audio differently. 

There are great websites out there for audio projects like ‘Millennial podcast’ out there which can help you tell your story. They offer different platforms to host your audio projects. 

Another idea is to think about how you can involve your audience and how they can interact with the story (and even become voices in it). Beautiful Anonymous is a great example – the entire podcast is built upon the stories of the listeners.  

Try do call-outs for people to record a snippet or something that could add to your story. 

Read more about this on NPR Training

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