OB Training SMART05As part of the CMTO’s nationally accredited Certificate IV in Screen and Media (CUA41215) course, students learn the ins and outs of feature-making for radio.  Students are mentored by industry professionals to create complex audio works with a focus on storytelling.  Check out some of the great pieces produced by our students below. 

 Neil Ashworth: Kick the Moon

The day that man first landed on the moon, an Australian patrol in Vietnam was devastated by a landmine explosion. The incident was made famous by the Redgum song “I was only 19”. This is an eyewitness account of what really happened that day and how, for one soldier David Sturmer, that detonation echoed over the next forty years.

This program contains graphic descriptions of combat scenes.  Neil Ashworth|Kick the Moon|images/stories/Audiolab/audio/Kick-the-moon.mp3

Neil Ashworth: One Word

What is one word to describe your life?  And would you have picked that word when you were ten? What do you expect to pick when you are sixty. Let’s hear what lots of people of all ages chose.

Neil Ashworth|One Word|images/stories/Audiolab/audio/One-word.mp3

Neil Ashworth: Rainbow Mining

What happens when a writer uses his own family for material for a script to be performed in front of a live audience. What if the family member is hearing it for the first time in public. 

Neil Ashworth|Rainbow Mining|images/stories/Audiolab/audio/Rainbow-Mining.mp3 


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