The Community Media Training Organisation Facebook page is now blank as a result of Facebook’s news sharing restrictions.

But we are still here and ready to assist with all your media training needs.
You can find us on our website at or on 02 9318 9626
We will continue to post updates from the sector on
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In response to the Federal Government’s proposed new Media Bargaining Code, Facebook restricted publishers and users from sharing or viewing Australian and international news content overnight.

This move by Facebook means Australians cannot read or share any news from local or international publishers, international users cannot read or share news from Australian outlets and Australian news outlets cannot share their content at all.

In addition to major media outlets, community radio stations and the sector’s Registered Training Organisations are significantly affected by this update from Facebook. Facebook’s decision to block has disproportionately impacted community broadcasters and stations, which includes First Nations, multicultural, regional and faith-based broadcasters.

The Community Media Training Organisation calls for the immediate reinstatement of community broadcasting and Sector RTO Facebook pages. The community broadcasting sector has always been a vital part of our local communities and provides a platform for those who need it most, including vital training services.

Our thoughts are with the sector’s staff and volunteers, who dedicate themselves to amplifying the diverse voices of our Australian communities, during this time. We encourage them to utilise other platforms to continue to engage and inform their listeners.

The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia in conjunction with the Sector Roundtable are making enquiries and as information comes to hand, will keep stations updated.

If you have any queries, please contact us at (02) 9318 9626 or email [email protected].

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