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Meredith has been a volunteer presenter for ten years with Central Coast Community Radio, Coast FM 96.3, based in Gosford, NSW. Over those years she has been able to broadcast interviews with people from the Coast on a range of topics and issues.

Her professional career includes work with community organisations in the mental health sector, with tertiary qualifications in communication, policy and social research. Meredith says “Entering the National Features and Documentary Series is a golden opportunity to expand and enhance the type of content I produce – and have the chance to bring it to a wider audience. What I’m hoping to learn from the experience is how to improve my sound production skills to a higher, more professional level; how to put together a longer, documentary style radio program, and have the chance to actually do it; and gain valuable insight working with an experienced mentor. It also gives me the opportunity to combine community radio and professional experience, with a project that could help bring an important but often hidden issue to the attention of a wider audience, and hopefully make a useful contribution to the national conversation about mental health in our country.”


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