Nikki Marcel is a CMTO Trainer and Mentor.  A Totally Women Powered Radio project run by Radio Adelaide’s student radio in 1996 got Nikki hooked on radio.  She says “I love the creative opportunities community radio provides and that there’s always something new to learn. Since then I’ve done a bit of everything, from music shows, political programs, asylum seeker and refugee advocacy, to art and food. I’ve also worked on many special projects, OBs, and as a trainer, program manager and acting station manager. My current role is People and Program Manager and I’m still doing a bit of everything and learning new things. Training others to make radio that provides a voice for people, ideas and voices not usually heard in the media is the favourite part of my job and role as a mentor. I was part of the first group of NFDS makers and was taught a lot about the art of story-telling with sound. In a relatively short time, the NFDS equips people with complex technical skills, to write, record, edit and present professionally produce innovative stories. Learning through making with a group of fellow radio people creates a great community of content makers that not only benefits the individual but community radio as a whole.”


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