Independent Brisbane Broadcaster 4ZZZFM spent the weekend in the station’s grungy carpark learning the ins and outs of Outside Broadcasting (OBs) with CMTO trainer, Giordana Caputo and SYN FM tech and Samurai AV Manager, Sam O’Reilly.

Eight young broadcasters got up early to lug gear, erect marquees and run cables to practice broadcasting from an outside location for their assessment for CUBRT404A Coordinate Outside Broadcasts.

The training was practical and hands-on aimed at giving volunteers the confidence to manage, plan and execute an outside broadcast using wireless technology.

4ZZZ trainees spent a day learning about event management, budgets and technical production, and followed that up with a day outdoors installing and testing the outside studio and broadcasting live to air on 102.1FM.

The crew managed to plan around the perennially wet Brisbane weather and pulled off two almost flawless broadcasts, really putting their knowledge and teamwork skills to the test.

CMTO trainer Giordana says, “I was extremely impressed with the way the group worked together and came up with solutions to technical issues,  it was a really fun weekend and 4ZZZ is now all set to use it’s great new OB gear”.

As part of their final assessment the trainees (pictured) will be organising two outside broadcasts for 4ZZZ’s Radiothon in August.

If your station is interested in doing a short course like this one, please fill out this Training Application Form


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