Women in Community Media

25 February 2011

Women in Community Media is designed to increase the participation of younger women in the media industry. It offers women, …

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What does it take to be a great trainer?

10 February 2011

What makes a great trainer? Is it about your experience and expertise or more about your presentation and engaging with others? This article by CMTO boss Nicola Joseph looks at what some of the greatest teachers have said about great trainers.

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Radio Technologist Training – Feasibility Study

7 April 2010

If you’re lucky, you have someone to look after the technical aspects of the day-to-day operations of your station. They …

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Assessment Paperwork Made Easy

16 November 2009

Ever wondered why assessors need to submit so much paperwork to the RTO? Here are some frequently asked questions about what happens to your paper work when it reaches the RTO.

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Assessing At Different Levels

11 November 2009

It is important that community radio has clear standards or benchmarks for what we consider to be competence at the various certificate levels.

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Facilitating group work

30 October 2009

Group work is one of the staples of any training delivery. It can help to keep things interactive, social and allows opportunities for your learners to learn the answers themselves, rather than you just providing them all the information.

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10 tips for trainers

7 October 2009

Good trainers know that they always have something more to learn! Here are some quick tips on being an effective trainer.


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